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Restorative Rose Lift

Indulge in the ultimate luxury spa experience with our captivating new treatment: the Restorative Rose Lift. This rejuvenating journey is an exquisite blend of innovative techniques carefully curated to provide you with an exhilarating and transformative spa encounter. The Restorative Rose Lift seamlessly combines the artistry of dry body brushing, the finesse of Palper Rouler massage, and lymphatic drainage, working harmoniously to banish cellulite and melt away stubborn fat deposits. Envelop yourself in the detoxifying embrace of our specialised wrap that targets fluid retention, leaving you feeling lighter and renewed.

But the opulent pampering doesn’t stop there – the Restorative Rose Lift extends its lavish touch to your face, with a facial massage routine that is nothing short of enchanting. Our skilled therapists employ muscle-lifting and firming techniques to revive and sculpt your facial contours, while the gentle yet effective lymphatic drainage banishes puffiness and imparts a youthful radiance. With the delicate touch of hands and the soothing glide of gua-sha stones, stress and tension melt away, unveiling a complexion that boasts unparalleled luminosity and refinement. Immerse yourself in the cascade of benefits, from improved muscle tone and reduced skin laxity to the rejuvenating embrace of increased cell turnover. The Restorative Rose Lift is more than a treatment – it’s a symphony of rejuvenation that harmonises body and soul, leaving you with skin that’s not only hydrated but exudes an ethereal French glow.

This treatment will be available from 1 September. To book, please contact our Sofitel SPA Concierge team who can assist you further by email or phone +61 2 8388 8835.

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