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Jetlag Remedy

Embark on an opulent journey to rejuvenation with our newest spa treatment: the Jetlag Remedy. Crafted to exhilarate your senses and melt away the strains of travel, this treatment is a fusion of luxury and revitalisation. Your journey begins with an invigorating and detoxifying scrub meticulously applied to your back and lower legs, followed by a gentle hot towel removal, unveiling a canvas of refreshed and radiant skin. A symphony of relaxation ensues as a lower leg draining mask is tenderly applied, while our expert therapists skillfully knead away tension and fatigue from your neck, back, and shoulders, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and restored. Your shoulders will be treated to a liberating stretch as the remnants of fatigue surrender to the skilled touch of our therapists. The experience crescendos as the lower leg mask is gently lifted away with the warm embrace of a hot towel, revealing legs that feel light and agile. The meticulous application of drainage techniques to the lower legs promotes relaxation, and a reduction in leg edema, allowing you to step into a realm of renewed vitality.

The Jetlag Remedy culminates with a finishing touch that leaves no detail overlooked: a front lower leg massage that soothes and restores. As a hot hand towel is delicately placed behind your neck, an exquisite stretch gently envelops you, releasing any lingering tensions. Surrender to the harmonious blend of luxury and rejuvenation as you bask in the afterglow of the Jetlag Remedy, where detoxified skin, improved circulation, and invigorated muscles are benefits and a way of life.

This treatment will be available from 1 September. To book, please contact our Sofitel SPA Concierge team who can assist you further by email or phone +61 2 8388 8835.

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